Iron Manufacturers

Here is a brief information about iron furniture manufacturers we work with.

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John B. Salterini

1928 - 1953

Salterini For Hundreds of years, men have been making furniture of iron. The craft was once practiced by only a few and many times it seemed on the point of dying out. Now, within the past few years, it has become a multimillion dollar business.

Among the men responsible for this boom was the late John B. Salterini, who emigrated from Italy more than a quarter century ago and started manufacturing garden furniture in a small Brooklyn plant.

Lee Woodard & Sons

1882 - 1930's

Woodard In 1882 Lyman Woodard started making caskets and furniture in Owosso, MI. In 1885 he built a two-story addition to the planning mill so that he could greatly expand the line of furniture he had been building.

Lyman died in 1904 and his sons Fred, Frank, and Lee carried on. It was Lyman's son Lee who started making handcrafted metal furniture in the 1930's, but it was Lee's three sons Joe, Russell, and Lyman who were responsible for making their lines nationally and then internationally known.

Once again the Woodard name is famous for the lively patterns (Chantilly Rose, the Orleans Collection, etc.) of their wrought iron of superior quality for both outdoor and indoor use.

Each item of their line is made with the same old-fashioned skill and workmanship that made the Woodard name well known so many years ago.

Today they are doing some interesting innovations using aluminum and plastic.

Joseph Leinfelder & Sons


Leinfelder In the mid 1930's, Leinfelder introduced bold new colors to indoor and outdoor furniture - first pinks and pale, clear yellows.

These were followed by deep-bright shades of Haiti blue and Regency green - and also the first to reintroduce black as a high-fashion shade.



Molla Molla started in England during the late part of the 1800's and then assembled the pieces in New York for the Hamptons area on Long Island and the sea shore area of Connecticut. Very neo-classic style and he introduced the cast aluminum and magnesium metal for garden use as that combination will not be oxidized by salt air.

Florentine Craft Studio

1910 - 1930's

Florentine For nearly a century The Florentine Craft Studio has designed and produced some of the finest garden, statuary, wrought iron furniture and garden fountains in the New York area and around the world. The founder of the Florentine Studio, Vincent Primavera, left his native Italy with dreams of prosperity and made his way to a newly prosperous America in 1910.

Within a few years Mr. Primavera had established his own shop in New York City (330 East 23rd Street - New York City). He started with hardware and other simple items such as hinges and outdoors lanterns.

Soon he expanded the products of this craft to include hand wrought iron garden furniture and garden statuary with materials like limestone, bronze and lead. Later moved the factory to Astoria, Queens. His gates, bird baths and fountains are as important as his garden sets.