Maintenance & Restoration

For longevity, all pieces of iron furniture need to be carefully maintained. This furniture should be treated just like a car. It needs to be washed, waxed and checked for deterioration.


Make sure pieces are cleaned with water and a mild detergent. Rinse carefully with clean water. Check carefully for rust spots that need to be treated, lightly steel wooled and then sprayed with primer and then lightly with a gloss black paint (Rust-Oleum is the best). The gloss black will blend nicely with our finish. If large areas are involved, you may need to use a dry brush and spread some Benjamin Moore, forest green latex on areas of the finish. When satisfied with the look of a piece, spray the whole with a gloss or semi-gloss clear, polyurethane spray (We prefer the Wal*Mart brand).

Glass tops

We recommend that you change glass tops to a safety glass.

Professional Restoration

When necessary, pieces should be totally restored, including sand blasting, priming and repainting with black or forest green. We prefer the Benjamin Moore colors. White is also commonly used by those who prefer that look.

  1. In Connecticut and Westchester County are of New York. PAT’S PORTICO specializes in restoring outdoor furniture. They also offer long lasting finishes. Phone: 203-869-6227.

    140 Highland St, Port Chester, NY 10573. Web site:

  2. Florida, West Palm Beach. PAT POULING & SONS. Tel: (561) 833-6754.
  3. In Massachusetts. Chatham Refinishing. 106 South Meadow Road. Plymouth, MA Tel: 508 732-0011.
  4. We will accommodate any previous customers. Winter is the best time to restore and we would have pieces ready for the following summer. Costs vary, depending upon the piece and its condition.

Products Recommended

  • Benjamin Moore Impervo paint for metal
  • Rust-Oleum spray paints
  • Wal*Mart polyurethane spray
  • McKlosky marine varnish or Benjamin Moore spar varnish
  • Home Depot for plastic insert feet, self adhesive bumpers and little plastic buttons for placing under glass